(Support WEB monitoring)" />

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7" Touch-Screen Operator Panel
(Support WEB monitoring)

The DAK-5070D Touch-Screen Operator Panel is a Human Machine Interface for the ASI Controller or Modbus communicating controllers. The touch-screen operator panel allow for easy and self-explanatory operation by fingertip or touch-pen.

  • 产品说明
  • Support WEB monitoring

  • ​Touch-Screen panel operation by fingertip or touch-pen

  • Provided RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Ethernet and USB communicating interface

  • Provided ASI or Modbus communicating driver

  • Supports up to 10 languages and Unicode system

  • Supports BMP, JPG and GIF graphic formats

  • Data logging, alarms and historical alarm list

  • 9 password levels protection

  • Allows the display controller status, and to annunciate and acknowledge alarms

  • To intervene in controller operation via overrides

  • Allows modification of setpoints, schedules and monitors status